A Strange Objectis an independent press based in Austin, Texas, dedicated to publishing surprising, heartbreaking fiction alongside thoughtful ephemera. We're talking about fiction that haunts and inspires us—big work that engulfs, that takes risks, that bucks form, that builds warm dwellings in dark places.


Welcome to A Strange Object

Here's what we're up to:

Our first book arrived in October and has been receiving glowing reviews from everyone from the Chicago Tribune to Publishers Weekly to the Japan Times. Our second title came out February 18. Kirkus says it covers terrain "at once disturbing and deeply beautiful." The Austin Chronicle said it's better than Gertrude Stein. We'll be announcing our fall title soon. Please check our events page for additional goings-on.

We are distributed by Small Press Distribution.

We believe in the subtle art of subtraction. We're pressing mute on the noise of publishing and increasing the signal and the strange.

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And hello.

[Side note: Writers, we love you, but we are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts at this time.]