Our categories are fiction and not. Not includes nonfiction and visuals.


Submissions are currently closed.

Covered with Fur publishes short stories and novel excerpts for online publication. We’re looking for stories that take risks and take us places; writing that moves us and language that rattles us; fiction that is bighearted and wild, elegant and innovative.

Fiction submissions should be under 5,000 words. Short stories and stand-alone novel excerpts are both welcome. If you’ve got a piece you think we’d love that’s a little bit over, feel free to email us about it. Work must be previously unpublished.



Submissions are currently closed.

Covered with Fur publishes original nonfiction on the web. We look for microessays that show concision, playfulness, and restraint (<1000 words). And we publish essays: we like to read cultural criticism with a personal bent (<5000 words). Currently, we’re especially excited to read absorbing portraits of people: individuals who inspire adoration or rage or bafflement, characters you just can’t shake.


Submissions are currently closed.

CWF also publishes stand-alone photoessays, illustrations, comics, and drawings.